Measurement & Testing Center

There are measurement department, physical and chemical test department and detection department in the center. The existing laboratory area is nearly 2000 square meters. The constant temperature room is 970 square meters, which provides good environmental conditions for the traceability of the measurement value and the control of the measurement process. There are 18 items of metrological inspection and verification right and 1 item of mandatory testing verification right authorized by Shenyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. In 1986, it has been promoted to the national level of first-grade qualified measurement unit, and obtained the certification certificate of national level 3A measurement management system in 2006. The physical and chemical laboratory testing ability meets the requirements of national standard GB/T 27025-2008, and the laboratory evaluation certificate of physical and chemical testing is issued by Shenyang Machinery Industry Physical and Chemical Management Association. The NDT ability has reached the requirements of national standard GB/T 27025-2008, and has obtained the NDT laboratory certification certificate issued by Liaoning Nondestructive Testing Institute, which is the council member of Liaoning NDT branch.
The metrological testing center has a strong technical force with technicians accounting for more than 70% of the staff and workers. There are 29 testing personnel with testing qualification authorized by Shenyang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, physical and chemical identification committee of mechanical industry, municipal mechanical and chemical management association, state general administration of quality supervision and quarantine, etc. The center is equipped with domestic and foreign testing equipment more than 20 sets including Optiv performance 662 composite image measuring instrument, 6-meter length measuring machine made in Germany, 300KN microcomputer controlled electronic universal testing machine, 1000 KN microcomputer control electro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine, Olympus metallographic microscope, Shimadzu PDA - 7000 type spark photoelectric photo-spark spectrometer, American Thermo Electrom iCAP6300 type inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer, American Perkin Elmer AA700 type atomic absorption spectrometer, Germany USN60 ultrasonic flaw detector and so on. The center has become a professional testing institution with leading technology, advanced instruments, orderly management and perfect personnel, covering metrology, physical and chemical, flaw detection and others.

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