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New Technology and New Concept Lay The Foundation For The High-Quality Development Of Manufacture


What brings new vitality to the old manufacture enterprise is the application of new technology and new concept. Since this year, NHI has boosted the traditional manufacture transformation and upgrading continuously and promoted the high-quality development by innovating quality management system, starting with the application of new technologies such as big data and applying new technology to improve production quality and efficiency.

Broaden Horizons & Perfect Management System

The informatization upgrade is planned; the level of material supply is promoted by means of the informatization construction of the supply chain system.

Analyze and sort out suppliers, supply level and capacity by depending on the big data platform which belongs to supply chain system, thereby providing reasonable evidence for supplier classification, at the same time, relying on the means of dissemination of informatization, the range of bidding procurement  will be rapidly expanded to attract more quality suppliers.

Meanwhile, the advanced concept was introduced, the final test wax orderly terminated. The quality design and quality control were gradually replacing quality inspection. The management was started from the source of production. By checking quality file such as design drawing, process route, production plan and quality inspection plan to ensure that quality control should be put first before the product goes into production.

In addition, the development of project supervision system was gradually promoted, the project supervision qualification training was extensively carried out, and a supervision team with outstanding ability, excellent thinking and excellent quality through strict screening was established. The range of enterprise quality control was extended by carrying out key project supervision system and controlling the key products specifically.

“To see a thousand miles, To a higher level”. Product quality control must focus on high horizons, great perseverance and great effort. In order to promote the smooth development of the quality control work, at the beginning of this year, NHI convene the meeting about the products quality and arrange the production quality work of NHI in 2021. After half a year of adjustment, product archives are more complete, management system is more perfect, process control is smoother and the quality of product and quality of service has improved greatly.

Under the IS09000 certification system framework, quality control work has been improved continuously, especially in quality control of out-sourced supply. The staff has set up the quality consciousness of all staff, regard the quality of products as their eyes and gold bowls. Under the joint efforts of all staff, qualified rate of products has increased from 98.25% to 99.95%,which increased by 1.7%.

Innovate Continuously &Pursue Technological Advancement

“Product quality comes from effort, instead of inspection.” Only every enterprise makes products seriously can they get the cost-effective return. When producing ball mills for export, NHI takes quality seriously and insists that all the trial run process should be finished in the factory. Assembly shop and quality inspector both cooperate with each other closely, they adjust contact surface between large and small gear and cylinder body repeatedly, so they get the stable data which is less than 0.005mm from the test of end jump and diameter jump, verifying that all the indicators meet the requirements.

At present, there only two enterprises in China can product drum blending-reclaimer, Fangda Group NHI is one of them. This is due to its high manufacturing difficulty but NHI has technical ability in quality control, which can be reflected in every manufacturing detail. For the drum blending-reclaimer with a length of about 40 meters and a diameter of 4.35 meters, which was supplied for a large enterprise in Shandong, its structure was three-stage cylinder flange welding connection, the thickness of outer cylinder body plate was 16mm and the thickness of inner cylinder body plate was 6mm. The curve was difficult, the flaw detection demand is high, and the delivery time is tight.

It is very difficult to deliver products on time on the premise of ensuring product quality. The external dimension of the cylinder is difficult to control and the coaxiality is hard to guarantee, in order to solve the key difficulty of manufacturing technology, NHI organized professional chief engineer, process and technical personnel, and front-line operator to discuss manufacturing difficulty and problems that may occur during the process, and constituted complete manufacturing technology scheme through combining with the actual condition of welding and processing equipment and site.

In order to ensure the quality of the premise to shorten the production cycle, workers optimized welding technology and applied laser measurement to assure coaxiality of the driven end and the driven end. The way of multi-pass welding and small specification welding parameters are adopted during welding to control weld heat input and welding deformation strictly. In this way, product quality was guaranteed and production efficiency was increased, so that the manufacturing cycle was shortened by nearly ten days.

During the production, welding workers control productive process of every process rigorously. The requirement of cylinder shape-bending was guaranteed by adding curved mould plate and split shape-bending. Through the combination of vertical and horizontal joints of the cylinder body, the inner and outer cylinder skins were welded together according to the specified size.

By reserving welding expansion allowance of cylinder length, the length and dimension of cylinder can be ensured effectively. Through the close cooperation of all departments, the production cycle of this machine was shortened by nearly 25 days compared to the same type of product.

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