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Mixed Reform Drives Internal Forces to Accelerate Informatization Transformation and Upgrading


"Now all I have to do is fill in the vehicle information on the computer and submit the process. I used to have to go two or three places to take you into the factory.” Mr Shu Zeqing from NHI Party Department introduced the changes to the reporter that the informationization has brought after the enterprise mixed reform.

Company Reform Helps Heavy Industries Old Brand Enterprise Back to Life

Many years ago, NHI was the pride of the new China's heavy machinery manufacturing field and made great contributions to the new China's heavy industry. However, in the face of the cruel market competition and complex industry changes in domestic or international, the company gradually lost its original market advantages and lost a large number of talents and technologies and there was a massive loss of talent and technology.

In April 2019, Liaoning Fangda Group Industrial Co., Ltd. completed the mixed ownership reform of NHI at the last minute under the strong push of Liaoning Provincial Party Committee and Shenyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, who became the largest shareholder of the enterprise of NHI bring it back from the brink.

It known that Liaoning Fangda Group is a large enterprise group integrating carbon, steel, medicine, business four plates as the main business with cross-industry, cross-regional, diversified and strong international competitiveness. In year of 2020, Fangda Group achieved sales revenue and total assets of more than 120 billion yuan. From year 2017 to 2020, profits exceeded 10 billion yuan and taxes paid totaled about 40 billion yuan for four consecutive years,

Take Reform As an Opportunity to Build Information Development Strategy

Vice Minister Zhang Fan of NHI strategy development department introduced to reporters, after the implementation of the mixed-market reform, the company adheres to the enterprise value of "operating enterprises must be beneficial to the government, the enterprise and the employees", and promotes the company to enter a new stage of fully market-oriented development. The most important development strategy is to implement the information reform.

Equipment manufacturing is the foundation of building a country and strengthening the country. In the 14th Five-Year Plan and the long-term goals for 2035, it is proposed to "basically realize a new type of industrialization, informatization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, and build a modernized economy". Since the implementation of the mixed industry reform, under the "double insurance" of Liaoning Fangda Group's policy support and financial support, NHI has started to comprehensively promote the information reform, laying a foundation for the enterprise to practice the national strategies of intelligent manufacturing, product digitalization and green development.

Build Information Office Network and Build Collaborative Office High-speed Platform

How does informationization construction start with? This is the first question when reporter interviews Zhang Fan, also is Zhang Fan answered the first question to the company executive team

"Building a high-speed collaborative office network platform is absolutely a top priority for enterprises." Zhang Fan answered everyone's questions with his experience. Through the establishment of the information office network, NHI has comprehensively improved the cooperative office capacity of the enterprise. Efficient and convenient information office network platform is not only the first step of enterprise information construction, but also is the basis of enterprise information interaction and digital connectivity. It will provide strong information support for enterprise business management, information transmission, data collection, visual production and other work.

The construction of the information office network platform helps to form the information standards and technical standards for the internal business cooperation of the enterprise, establish a convenient and efficient communication system both inside and outside the organization, and reduce the communication delay and cost caused by the distance and time difference. Using the network electronic office environment, an effective place for information release and communication is established in the enterprise, so that employees can understand the enterprise internal and external latest developments.

Build Information Supply Chain System to Open Up the Supply Channel of Production Process

In June 2020, the supply chain system of NHI began to go online, which completed the optimal allocation of important resources and realized the effective coordination within the enterprise, so as to eliminate the internal loss, improve the operation efficiency, reduce the operation cost, and finally maximize the overall benefit of the company.

In terms of production organization, the new supply chain system helps enterprises to effectively balance the ratio of resources in each production unit, plays a role in coordinating supply planning and production capacity, and improves the rationality and operability of the plan.

Through centralized procurement management, it realizes the centralized control and balance of internal and external important materials, realizes the effective supply of materials, and timely controls the problems in the supply chain system, and makes timely feedback, comprehensively controls all aspects of customers, company supply, internal production system, suppliers, logistics, etc. By optimizing the current supply system, reducing plan fluctuations, reducing enterprise inventory and other measures, the company's supply chain operation level is improved on the whole.

Zhang said that in the future, NHI will focus on the full life cycle coverage of products, further promote the "industrial digitization" and the deep integration of information technology and traditional equipment to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, to respond to the changes in the market environment with high-quality development and contribute new forces to the development of national equipment manufacturing industry in the new historical period.

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